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Top 3 Things To Do When Visiting Tulum

So you’re visiting Tulum – the crown jewel of Mexico’s Cancun Coastline - known for its white sandy beaches, delicious food and abundance of wellness and evening activities, including yoga, meditation and all night beach parties. But what really sets Tulum aside from other holiday hotspots? It’s the area’s environmental and historical treasures which make it truly unique. Here we provide our top 3 things to do in Tulum for an unforgettable visit.

1) Discover the underworld: Swimming in freshwater Cenotes

Our very first pick will have you exploring one of the true wonders of the underworld. The result of collapsing limestone bedrock and sacred to the ancient Mayan civilization, the Yucatan Peninsula is home to thousands of underwater sinkholes also known as cenotes.

From cave cenotes decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, to vast open cenotes with crystal clear water that’s brimming with plants and wildlife, these remarkable creations are the perfect place to swim, snorkel or dive. Trust us when we say they offer an experience unique to anything else!

With the area boasting the largest underwater cave system in the world, we would always recommend going with a local Tulum guide for the ultimate “cenote hopping” experience (think club hopping, but better). Oh, and don’t forget your waterproof camera for a snap of those freshwater turtles!

2) Travel back in time: The Mayan Ruins

For number two on our list, it’s time to let the budding archaeologist in you out and delve into the rich history of the Mayan people.

Our personal favourite? The Coba Ruins. Nestled deep in the native jungle and bordering a freshwater lagoon, this site offers a completely different experience to others in the area. Just thirty minutes outside of Tulum and with less tourists, it is well worth the trip!

Equally fascinating are the infamous Tulum Ruins. Perched atop tall cliffs overlooking the turquoise ocean, these Ruins are one of the largest cultural draws of the area – not to mention one of the most photogenic! Well-preserved with views that will take your breath away, no visit to Tulum is complete without them. For the full experience, we have a local historian join each private tour to share historical accounts of the ancient Mayan civilization.

3. A trip to the wild side: The natural marvels of the Sian Ka’an Reserve

Calling all nature lovers! Our third and final pick is a trip to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, preserving over a million acres of water, jungle and wetlands. Though there are a few hiking trails and boardwalks, the best way to experience its natural beauty is from the water.

Our suggestion? Take a boat through the winding canals and vast lagoon to observe the vegetation and wildlife up close. With an added dose of culture, this expedition will also take you past picturesque temples from the ancient Maya site of Muyil.

From swimming peacefully in the canals to doing some epic bird watching, a trip through the magical Reserve of Sian Ka’an is simply a must do!

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Please note that due to the current situation surrounding Covid-19, a number of our tours are temporarily unavailable and will be reopening soon.


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