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Cenote Diving in Tulum

If you haven’t yet experienced Cenote diving, get ready to add it to the top of your travel bucket list. As one of the most remarkable (not to mention infamous) wonders of Mexico, cenotes have long been revered by ancient civilizations and present day tourists alike. And exploring the inner depths of these underwater sinkholes is every diver’s dream come true!

Cenotes in Tulum

With thousands scattered across the whole of the Riviera Maya, there is no better place to explore these remarkable creations than Tulum – which boasts the largest underwater river system in the world (more on that in our previous blog!). But despite there being over 6,000 of them discovered, only some are actually safe for diving.

Do you need to be an experienced diver?

Whether you’re a first time diver, an avid cave diver or a freediver - you will be able to find a tour that fits your experience level. Some touring companies, like O2 Tulum, will require you to have a minimum Open Water certificate for their cenote diving tours. Meanwhile, a few cenotes are only accessible to certified cavern and cave divers. So make sure you do your research beforehand!

And if diving’s not for you, you can choose to swim and snorkel instead to explore their hidden treasures, including fossils, rock formations, and both plant and marine life. You may even spot a few turtles or even the odd crocodile, so keep that waterproof camera handy! At O2 Tulum, you can also book a “cenote-hopping” tour - where we visit a few different types of cenotes - so that you can get a more well-rounded experience.

What to expect?

Diving in a cenote is nothing like diving in the Ocean, not least of all because each cenote is completely unique!

So depending on which ones you choose to explore, you will always have different experiences – whether it’s admiring the stunning stalagmites and stalactites that hang like dripping water at Cenote Dos Ojos, swimming through the beams of light that transcend the dark waters of The Pit Cenote, or feeling like your diving beneath the Tulum jungle at Casa Cenote. Each experience will prove unforgettable!

Factor in your skill and comfort levels

But whichever cenotes you decide for your expedition, it’s important to factor in your skill and comfortability level so you can enjoy the experience confidently and safely! If you are prone to claustrophobia, for instance, it might be best to begin with a more open cenote, at least whilst you adapt to the new environment.

Most importantly – you should always ensure that you choose a reputable Scuba Diving instructor in Tulum to accompany you, such as with O2 Tulum. They will be able to recommend the best cenotes to dive in for your group, and ensure that the safety guidelines are met.

So, if you’re dying to explore the hidden secrets of the underworld, you can book a Tulum and Cenote tour of your choice here.

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