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Our top tips for touring Tulum

There’s nothing quite like the mystical and hypnotic allure of Tulum... White beaches, historical marvels, crystal blue waters and hundreds of activities to keep you busy from dawn to dusk. Yes, there’s a reason Tulum is such a popular hotspot for tourists. But with so much to visit, it’s important to get your touring routine down pat. In this guide we’ll break down our top tips for exploring the area.

1. Visit at the right time

Making the most of your touring means choosing a good time to visit. Thankfully Tulum is pretty sunny year round… Just remember that the Caribbean hurricane season can last from June to the end of November, with the months August to October being particularly high risk for storms! So if you’re visiting during this time, it’s worth checking the weather forecast beforehand in case the rain affects a day or two of your visit.

2. Bring lots of water

You may laugh at the simplicity of this tip, but trust us. There’s a reason we bring copious amounts of bottled water with each of our tours… The tropical heat will hit you at some point, so you must make sure to stay hydrated. Especially if you’re planning on trying some of the more exuberant touring activities - like climbing the pyramid at Coba. Just make sure to bring reusable bottles to reduce your plastic waste! And if you’re not a big water drinker, you can always buy a coconut in town to keep you hydrated and refreshed.

3. Tour with a local guide

Some of you may want to tour Tulum independently, and if that’s the case, then more power to you! But for those of you that are less confident going it alone, we’d recommend touring with a local Tulum guide like O2 Tulum Tours. They’ll choose the best cenotes to visit, recommend places with delicious local cuisine, and share the rich history and culture of the town’s archaeological wonders. For extra safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, you can also choose a private tour, so you don’t have to share the experience with another group!

4. Remember to bring your swimsuit

This might seem like an obvious tip, but always make sure to bring a swimsuit for your expedition. Most tours of Tulum offer an opportunity to swim, whether it’s in a crystal clear cenote, in the stunning canals of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve or on the beach by the Tulum Ruins … You’ll always be grateful to end the adventure with a refreshing dip!

5. Use biodegradable products

It’s important to take care of this eco-friendly haven! Try to limit waste where you can by using reusable water containers and bringing biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent for your tours. Something to bear in mind is that you aren’t allowed to apply normal sunscreen before swimming in a cenote, so make sure you wear a cenote safe one. Our guides can also help provide this if you don’t have any!

6. Hire bikes

When touring Tulum, you should consider hiring bikes at least once during your trip! We find it quicker and more efficient to get around by bicycle rather than walking. Not to mention they’re a particularly popular - and affordable - choice in the excessive heat (you’ll thank us later). For tours like Coba, you’re given the option to rent a bike upon arrival to limit the hassle - or you can even have someone cycle you around whilst you and a companion sit in the back....

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful - Now you’re ready to get touring! To book a private tour of Tulum with an experienced O2 Tulum guide, click here. All tours have officially reopened for tourists - so get booking...


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